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Wednesday July 23, 2008

As usual we began our day with breakfast of assorted goodies. Thank you Tom and Joel.


➢ Sean Ross read our Read & Reflect passage. He chose a chapter from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.
➢ Suzanne, Brenda and Ruth shared their writing.

Writing Groups – We all worked in our writing groups.

Guest Speakers

➢ Former writing project participants, Tom O’Malley and Evelyn Brady were our guest speakers for the day. Their theme was entitled “Writing for peace”.

➢ Suzanne introduced the guest speakers and highlighted their work/contribution as WNYWP fellows. She stated that:

o Evelyn edited Peaceprints.
o Tom was the first WNYWP participant and contributes articles to Buffalo News "MyView section and to some other media outlets
o Evelyn was a director of the Buffalo Teachers' Center before her retirement and is a published poet.

Evelyn’s Presentation

In her opening Evelyn posed a question to the participants and brainstormed on what the role of an editor should be. Finally, she shared her experience as the editor of Peaceprints as follows:

➢ She reflected Sister Karen’s spirit
➢ She made sure that the style is understandable and
➢ The authentic voice is heard

In her conclusion, Evelyn mentioned that a lesson plan on peace is in progress and it is to be piloted in the fall.

Tom’s Presentation

Tom started by applauding the participants for being accepted into the WNYWP. He said, “You can’t imagine what this training might do for you for your teaching profession and above all as writers.”

He stated that exercising imagination is a good tool for writing and gives students an opportunity to exercise their own imagination.

He shared his stories and writing tools such as a duck tape, a hammer, softball glove, a door knob, and an apron among many others - each symbolizing different ideas.

As Tom wrapped up, he advised the participants to pay attention to everyday things in front of us for we never know what might inspire us to write.

Both presenters engaged and inspired the participants.

Lunch Break

Lesson Demo

Scott Weidmann presented the afternoon lesson demo. His topic was entitled “I Mean What I Say and Say What I Mean… Or Do I?”

The lesson focused on extending the understanding of ideas beyond text when writing. He modeled the writing activity and gave the groups a list of clichés to write an extended meaning.

Transitional Activity - Groups explored the differences in meaning between fair and equal and rotated to share and confirm ideas for accuracy and understanding.

Writing - Participants reflected their personal responses & also wrote a response to the given question: Which would you rather live in, an equal world or a fair world? Why?

It was a very engaging and interesting lesson demonstration.

Work Time - Possibilities included: inquiry groups, workshop development and writing.

Mulu Belete

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