summer institute log for Monday, July 7, 2008

The Daily Log
The official newspaper of the Western New York Writing Project

Vol. 1, No. 1. Chris Salamone, editor Monday, July 7, 2008

First Day of SI Starts a Little Behind Schedule
The official “first” day of the 23rd annual WNYWP Summer Institute got underway a little late Monday.
Suzanne, director of the WNYWP, assured the participants that the first day often runs a little late because the new fellows are not yet familiar with the Summer Institute routine.
She reminded the fellows that breakfast is from 8:30 to 8:45 a.m. followed by the morning reading and reflection. People assigned to bring breakfast should arrive by 8 a.m. to set up the food. They are also responsible for keeping the “kitchen” area clean throughout the day, and clearing the area at the end of the day.

Julia’s Child:
Cause For Reflection
A humorous short story, written by Augusten Burroughs in his book, Possible Side Effects, was read Monday by Keri.
The story, entitled, Julia’s Child, told about a boy’s memory of his mother painting and writing, being “babysat” by Julia Child, and his misadventures in the kitchen.
After the reading, the fellows reflected on the piece in their notebooks. Several fellows shared their reflections with the group.

Author Encourages
Fellows To Write
Mick Cochrane, th e author of three novels and Canisius College’s Artist In Residence, was the first guest of the Summer Institute. Mick, who revealed his real first name is Hamilton, read from two of his novels, answered questions and shared his successful writing tips with the fellows.
Working on his fourth novel, Mick said it takes him about three years to complete a novel and he tries to spend at least two hours at a time on writing. He said he doesn’t plan his work or start out with a plot, but the story evolves as he writes. He writes about places he knows, and his third novel, The Girl Who Threw Butterflies, is set in Kenmore.
He explained how each work is read and edited by several “trusted” people, including his agent and editor, and shared the cover of the new book with the fellows. He also passed out business cards and urged the Fellows to contact him if they have any more questions.
Mick is also the author of Fleshwounds, and Sport.

Bring Or Buy Your Lunch The new fellows got their first taste of Canisius College lunchtime fare Monday in the school eatery located in the basement of Old Main. Offerings include pizza, sandwiches, salads and a daily special. Fellows can buy or bring their lunches.
A refrigerator is available in the Summer Institute classroom to store perishable food items and the lunchroom has a microwave that can be used to heat up frozen entries.

SI Fellows Learn To Make Movies
Fellows of the Summer Institute became filmmakers during the afternoon session of the Summer Institute.
Jonathan, the WNYWP’s technical expert, walked the fellows through the steps for making an i Movie in a day. His patient and step-by-step instructional approach gave the fellows the confidence to film a voice over shot on why they became a teacher.
The clips, which will be seen at a later date, were a precursor for the inquiry research project that the fellows will undertake in groups of 4 or 5. After learning the basics of movie making the fellows met in their groups to discuss ideas for their movie projects.

· Demonstrations that need to be copied should be emailed to the Summer Institute’s two summer interns, Angela and Nicole, who will make the copies. Daily Logs should also be emailed to them.
· The first Socratic Seminar will be held next week on Writing Matters.
· Each fellow has a “mailbox” file in the back of the room where information and handouts will be placed. Please check your mailbox daily.
· Bring your user name and password with you to class daily.
· Be sure to check the lists in the back of the room so you know when you are scheduled for morning readings, breakfast or other duties.