Daily Log for Monday 7/14

Breakfast Time!!!

Jessica, Patti, and Joel brought us a scrumptious breakfast selection of fresh fruit, French toast, and an omelet-esque egg dish, and everything was deeeeee-lish.

Some fun facts from breakfast conversations:

- Joel chops fruit for giant mouths

- Tom was around germy people all weekend

- Nicole has curly hair

- Everyone should get their hair cut at Phoenix Salon

- Jessica's kids think she's a good writing teacher

- Miss Lippy's car… is green.

For R&R Scott chose an interesting reading from Anton Chekov entitled "Misery". There was a munching mare, a hunchback in galoshes, some belligerent Russian passengers and a guy that just needed to talk. We learned that the cell phone rule must also be applied to walkie-talkies and the Canisius engineering staff.

For response time, Mark had the crap depressed out of him, and Mulu began and ended with a question mark, like Spanish.

Writing Groups

What happens in writing groups, stays in writing groups… (unless someone reads at open mic)

Demo 1- Sean, "Weaving Webs"

Sean's demo taught us how to make connections between literature and our peers, with the use of the Whitman poem "A Noiseless, Patient Spider" and an awesome activity in which we wove postcard webs of our own. Trina chose to knit a doily with her web-weaving materials. Joel is a bug musher and smusher, Keri and Greg were touching each other's nuclei.

We also learned that Sean has many disagreements, likes to investigate tangents, and is a former member of the X-Men, his power… super-sensitive feet. Professor X wasn't exactly heartbroken when Sean decided to pursue teaching, but based on his great lesson we're glad he did.

Lunch Time!

Mulu is a very interesting person, and Keri, Tom, and Greg made a mad dash for Dagwood's and managed to stick it to the man by avoiding the parking police.

Work Time!

The groups ventured off into LibraryLand to work on their Red Carpet projects and Demos.

Demo 2- Ruth, "Show AND Tell"

Ruth's lesson taught us how to balance out explanatory and descriptive language in our writing through a series of well scaffolded activities and Ruth's awesome sense of humor and hand-talking. We got to play a guessing game and expose how secretly stereotypical and judgmental we all really are by picking on Ted.

Nicole exposed her multiple personalities and we got a peek at the angry, Aquafina hurling French woman dwelling inside her, and Scott likes paper in his coffee.

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Big Joel said...

The fruit pieces weren't that big! yeesh!