Daily Log for Tuesday July 8, 2008

The Summer Institute Fellows started their day with a beautiful, sunny morning. The day began with homemade muffins, fruit salad, juice, and to get everyone off to a great start, of course, coffee!

SI Fellow, Nicole, read a hilarious excerpt from Laurie Notaro’s The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club. The column entitled, “All Smut and Perverts” had the whole group laughing as one girl describes her mother’s trouble with using the Internet. The group reflected and Mark, Greg, Ellen, and Keri opted to share their feelings about technology and the World Wide Web.

After Nicole’s R & R, the writing groups scattered to share stories, poems, and other creative writing works. I am getting the hang of how things flow during the Summer Institute.

A short time later, the Workshop Development Groups discovered the resources at Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library. The SI Fellows researched, collaborated, and planned their teaching demonstrations. Many of us also experienced “Title Trauma” as we had trouble tapping into our creative side to come up with exciting titles for our demonstrations.

For lunchtime, some of us chose to enjoy the weather outside for lunch, while others opted for an indoor meal.

After lunch, the Inquiry Groups joined forces to research and prepare for their I-movies. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to see the finished products.

The Fellows then took a lovely trip to Canisius’ Public Safety for gorgeous photos of themselves for their I.D. cards. Steve, the “I.D. man” did a great job of taking everyone’s snapshots.

For the remainder of our day, we worked on our teaching demonstrations. Katrina and Jessica did a great job of helping the Fellows plan their lessons.

We ended the day with reflection and I look forward to hearing Katrina’s choice for R & R tomorrow!

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