Students Gear Up for Young Writer's Anthology Submissions

Fingers furiously clicking away at the keys.  Pencils heard scratching, with an occasional pause for self- directed revision.  Students have voluntarily, yes, voluntarily, been engaging in after school writing sessions to prepare their final submission pieces for this year's Young Writer's Anthology. Fueled by the possibility of being published and for receiving real feedback from real writers, my students have generated so much excitement surrounding these possibilities that they can barely contain themselves.  We have seen random ideas scratched on multiple scraps of paper evolve into passionate creations of prose and poetry.  Thank you Danielle Hardt and the anthology team, and the WNYWP, for continually providing this inspiring opportunity for our young writers.  
-Keri Davis

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Mr. Malley said...

Very cool Keri. I'm currently looking for a computer program that will comment on all my student papers. Maybe grade them too. Unfortunately, the programs I've tried tend to leave comments that are curt and lack sympathy.

Anyways, getting feedback from people in the outside world must be very inspiring.