Know Any Young (Student?) Filmmakers?

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Film Your Issue Global Competition

High School and College Students Invited to Create Short Films for FYI -

USA Today, the United Nations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and
other organizations and media leaders have joined forces to engage young
adults (14-24) in contributing to the public dialogue on pressing social
issues using the power of the Internet and user-generated content.

In its 4th year, FYI - Film Your Issue has grown into a global
Internet-based competition that invites high school and college students in
the United States and around the world to express themselves on pressing
contemporary issues by creating and uploading short two-minute films on
issues that impact them and their generation.

Beginning February 15, films can be uploaded to multiple participating
platforms, including MTV, YouTube, and American Film Institute Screen
Nation, as well as promoted on MySpace TV.

Awards and prizes include internships at USA Today, the United Nations, the
award-winning PBS Series "P.O.V.", and the Humane Society of the United
States; a $5,000 college scholarship from the Gates Foundation; having your
film broadcast on Starz; having entries distributed by the Associated Press
to its 1,800 Online Video Network media outlets; being profiled on MTV News
and presented at the NAACP annual conference; VIP Pass/film presentation at
AFI Silverdocs; the Walter Cronkite Civic Engagement Leadership Award and
Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award; and many more.

Visit the program's Web site for complete program information, filmmaking
tips, and full descriptions of the program's awards and prizes.


Anonymous said...

I'm HeathCliff Rothman, founder and President of Film Your Issue. Thanks for the posting. We welcome all your film entries. Deadline is April 14, 2008. The prizes are pretty amazing, including internships at the UN, Humane Society, PBS's POV, and films presented at the Dem and Repub Conventions, on Starz, on MySpace homepage, on AOL True Stories homepage, a profile on MTV News, etc.

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