Five Blogs to Check Out

Over the past year, I've been extending my arms into the blogosphere in order to find new voices and ideas to inform my classroom practice. As I receive little to no worthwhile or relevant professional development via my district, I have to look elsewhere to grow develop my professional learning network.

I've previously shared David Warlick's 2 Cents and Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed, as they are two must read feeds in my Google reader. These two guys publish daily, sharing insights from professional development sessions, conferences, and their own wide reading.

Here are three more blogs I've found my way to recently. They are fantastic and worth five minutes of your daily time:
  • Dangerously Irrelevant - Published under the premise that traditional education systems are becoming dangerously irrelevant, Dr. Scott McLeod shares news of blogging, pragmatic ed tech posts, video games in learning, 21st century skills, and much much more.
  • Blue Skunk Blog - Doug Johnson, the Director of Media and Technology in the Mankato Schools regularly blogs about technology and other techn0logy matters. He outlines some of his more prominent educational ideas in his recent post Everything I Know in 15 Minutes
  • Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Wes Fryer is a prolific blogger, posting insights, podcasts, and interesting links daily. Some recent posts have covered Google Earth, Moodle, and online safety. He's got the goods.
If you come across any great educational sites, you should share them via this blog. We'll go over that later on today.

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Wesley Fryer said...

Thanks for the plug! :-)

Are there particular topics you'd like to see covered more in the podcasts I publish, or that are your favorite topics over others?

Mr. Malley said...

I think you offer a wide array of podcasts that are useful to teachers of all levels and content areas.

Scott McLeod said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying Dangerously Irrelevant!