The New York State ELA assessments have finally come and gone...time to just breathe a little easier and get back to the joy of writing with the kids again...writing to write....not writing to jump the hurtle of a test...during those moments of breathing i have found time to enjoy a few books...Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan was a rather nostalgic look on that time in life when you work your first job...mine was at a grocery store...the people in this novel are working at the Red Lobster...some of them are "lifers"...the plot is a nostalgic look back as the workers work their last day in a horrid snow storm...the Lobster is closing due to poor sales and they all have one day to work, reminisce and move on...for something a little darker by the same author i highly recommend Night Country...its a ghost story...great read...last two pages took me back to many high school nights...I'll post again when i finish reading Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (he's Stephen King's son so of course the book is scary)
I don't understand how to use spell check on the blog yet so I am hoping for no mistakes...(hurtle or hurdle???)

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