A Bit of Readin', a Bit of Writin'

Here's a few fish I swept up while trolling:

  • The Writer's Block - KQED puts out a great podcast of writers reading their own writing. It's completely free and can be downloaded via iTunes or by visiting the link I have provided. Not every story is appropriate for classroom use, but there are definitely some usable stories in there. On particular story, Nora Pierce's "East Side, West Side," would be a great addition to a memoir or short story unit in 9th-10th grade (it's fiction but reads like a memoir). Anyway, they "publish" a new audio recording weekly and it's a great way to find some new stuff.
  • Titlepage- The New York Times recently ran an article about Titlepage, a new web based book show that will feature four authors discussing their craft with their host. The show is apparently based on a critically acclaimed French program called "Apostrophes." The first episode will "air" on March 3rd, with subsequent episodes running two weeks after that. Looks like it might be interesting stuff.
- Joel

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