Publication News and Other Tidbits

  • It has come to our attention that Eva Doyle, 1986 Fellow, publishes regularly. From Suzanne's email:
  • In the years since she participated in the Summer Institute, she has written 9 books and over 3000 articles on the contributions of African Americans to our society and to the world.
    Her 9th book, Warren Gamaliel Harding - One of America's Black Presidents, was featured in the Buffalo News in 2008 for Presidents' Day. The book is still available and can be purchased on Amberbooks.com for $18.00.
  • The WNYWP book club is currently reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. Join us to discuss the book on February 24 at the Borders Books store in Orchard Park. If you will be attending or have any questions email Greg at staniszg@aol.com. Hope to see all you dog and book lovers there.

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