Is Google Making Us Stupid?

How do you spend your reading time - Dickens or the internet? On a grey Buffalo winter day, do you settle in with a lengthy Russian novel filled with deep description, intersecting plotlines and probing political rhetoric, or do you frenetically Google your way through the day moving from hyperlink to hyperlink. According to Nicholas Carr, the author of this article you've already lost interest in this short paragraph. Is he right? Is Google changing the way we read and think? And if it is, what are the consequences?


Robert said...

I am not too sure if i agree with Carr. I believe that we all skim when we are pressed for time or not really interested in a book or article. If i really enjoy what i am about to read, then i will take my time and read it and become full of knowledge from what i read. If i do not like what i am told to read, then for sure i will skim and read over it very quickly. Again, i really do not think google is making us stupid!
Robert G.

matthew LaLonde said...

I really agree with the comparison between our brains "working like clockwork" and our brains "working like computers" I feel that this is how people view their brains and thinking processes now, as an information storing and accessing device that we need to improve. So the idea that the computer/internet is effecting our thinking is very realistic, just as the printing press or anything other major academic invention did. I agree with Carr, I just think that he is a little bit too negative and apocalyptic. matt L