FREE BOOKS~really they're Free!!

The Picnic Basket is a blog which brings together school and library professionals and publishers. They will send you free books! The Blog has a collection of books that the publishers want to be reviewed. You email the publisher with you school mailing info, they send you the book, you write a short review(a paragraph if you like).



Mr. Malley said...

That sounds awesome. I'm definitely trying that out.

Deborah Sloan said...

I'm so glad you discovered my blog, The Picnic Basket, and appreciate that you've shared it on yours. The more at the picnic, the merrier! It is all about connecting books with school and library professionals as you're the ones using the books with the kids and the insight that's been provided, so far, on the featured titles has been terrific. I hope the blog provides another place for talking about children's books and hearing from your colleagues what's worked and why - or what didn't and why. Be sure to subscribe to the site's feed so you can be alerted when new titles are featured. Thanks again and hope to see reviews from you in the coming weeks.