Jessica Wagner in My View

Congrats to Jessica Wagner, 2006 fellow, who just had her essay "New School Supplies Offer Us a Fresh Start" published in the My View section of the Buffalo News. Here's an excerpt

The sweltering heat of August itches like a tight wool sweater. The lush lawn becomes sharp brown blades that torture bare feet. The shapeless days of summer begin to turn into restlessness. But in the midst of all this unpleasantness, the anticipation of returning to school bubbles inside my chest.
Make sure you click on the link above and read the whole essay.

As we are all getting ready for new year, it might be a good opportunity to take stock in what we've done and where we're going. Blogger and Colorado Writing Project fellow Bud Hunt recently published an open letter to teachers which makes many valid points.

First. I hope you take lots of risks for the sake of learning this year. Not just for your students, but also for you. Make it a goal to try to learn something in a sustained and meaningful way that has little to do with your classroom life. I’ve been trying to learn photography this year, and while I’m nowhere close to proficient, it has been helpful to be in the mindset of a learner who’s struggling. That’s how many of our students feel everyday.
Use the comments section below to share any thoughts about Jessica's essay, or share your own back to school stories, past or present.


Mrs. Kondrick said...

Congratulations Jessica! When you read this at SI I thought "This would be a great piece for My View!!" I am so glad every parent, student and teacher will have a chance to experience it too!

Ellen said...

I was thrilled to see your essay printed in the News. You so beautifully described the excitement many of us feel returning to our classrooms. Thanks for your inspirational words. May we all have an outstanding school year!