WNY Writing Project Goes to Washington

It's taken me awhile to post this, but here it is -- the WNYWP under the guise of Jessica, Suzanne, and husband Carl as the official photographer, successfully lobbied in Washington DC for National Writing Project funds. April 3 was a beautiful spring day in DC with the cherry blossoms in bloom and happy tourists snapping pictures. (Carl snapped a few for us too.) It was a stark contrast to the armed guards lining the streets and securing every entrance to the buildings that represent freedom.

However, we did experience the democratic process first hand. We met with Senator Clinton's and Senator Schumer's education aides. We missed meeting with Congresswoman Slaughter by one day, but we did talk with her aide. Best of all, we met with Congressman Brian Higgins, who purposely delayed his own travel schedule so that he could speak to us, however briefly. We had a lengthy discussion with his education aide and were treated to a personal tour of the Capitol building by a staff member.

And with that, despite the swollen feet and sore leg muscles, we felt welcomed, valued and a part of the process.


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Mr. Malley said...

Suzanne...you've been elevated to professional blogger. Nice job.