E-Voice - March/April Recap

The March/April E-Voice was just published by NWP. This newsletter is a collection of articles written by fellows, resources and NWP related stories.

One article details North Virginia Writing Project fellow Emmet Rosenfeld, who pens Eduholic, a blog for Teacher Magazine. I'm temporarily unfamiliar with Rosenfeld, but I'm going to add a link the sidebar (and add permanant links to Warlick and Richardson's blogs). His March 17th post, "The Death of Handwriting" is a good exploration of short low-stakes writing in the classroom. The NWP article discusses Rosenfeld's evolution as a blogger, but definitely go further and read through his posts at TM too. I just may have to add him to my bookmark toolbar.

Another teacher writes about her alternative to the research paper. There are a few more interesting articles as well, including one about a 1-1 laptop initiative and it's impact on writing.

Check it out. Lots of good reading over there.

- Joel

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